Bitcoin Group proposes „if you drink, don’t marry“ style party when currency reaches $100,000

For the user, this would be the perfect opportunity for a get-together among Reddit members who will (or already are) rich from the rise of digital currency.

Bitcoin is definitely in a good moment, the currency has consolidated a new record and is maintaining an important psychological support at $15,000. The world’s first currency is comfortably above US$15,300, while in Brazil it remains above its historical record, already priced at R$84,000. With all this excitement, some members of the cryptomoeda community want to organize a party in the best style of „If You Drink, Don’t Cause!

Well, as you can imagine, whoever is Bitcoin’s long term „hodler“ must be very excited about the current movement of the digital asset, considering that, it seems, we still have the strength to continue in the upward movement.

Many are guided by the idea that the decrease in demand for Bitcoin is causing the price to rise and will maintain the trend in the coming months. This is the case with the most famous stock to flow model in the cryptomarket today, which forecasts the BTC to reach $100,000 by the end of 2021.

While many are speculating and analyzing charts, others are thinking of making a splash when the price reaches $100,000.

Bitcoin Reddit wants to throw a $100,000 party

In a post on Reddit a user suggested that when Bitcoin Up reaches $100,000 they should have a ‚If You Drink, Don’t Case‘ style celebration in Las Vegas.

For the user, this would be the perfect opportunity for a celebration among the members of the Bitcoin sub-forum in Reddit who will be (or are already) rich with the high of digital currency.

„Each one could give about $3,000 and together we could have a party. We could book the biggest Caesar Palace Coverage and have a ‚If You Drink, Don’t Marry‘ style party with drinks, girls, drinks and even rent a tiger and get Mike Tyson to come to the party“.

The user even researched the value of the luxury suites and said that they are only $ 30,000 per night, which means that a group of 20 would be able to get the party started.

Some agreed with the joke, saying they’re up for the fancy cow. However, many others said it’s better to keep on guarding, as the price could go up even more.

Another, more critical, commented:

„This post is my sign of sale.“